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Sixth accuser testifies in Weinstein trial

The sixth accuser in the Harvey Weinstein rape trial in New York City took the stand on Wednesday, alleging that Weinstein sexually assaulted her in a hotel bathroom in February 2013.

Lauren Marie Young, a 30-year-old actress and model, said the incident occurred when she went to a meeting at the Montage Hotel with former Miss New Mexico Claudia Salinas. She said she believed Weinstein wanted to discuss a script with them. 

Young said the two got a drink while waiting for Weinstein in the hotel lobby bar. Weinstein came down to meet them, she said, before eventually suggesting they move the meeting upstairs.

In Weinstein's hotel room, Young claimed, Weinstein led them through a series of rooms, the final one being the bathroom. According to Young's testimony, Weinstein led the way with her in the middle and Salinas behind her. Young said she did not realize Weinstein was leading her into a bathroom and that after she walked in, Salinas closed the door behind her.

"I'm saying no, no, no and he's just carrying on with normal conversation," she said, adding that Weinstein told her, "This is what all actresses do to make it."

A courtroom sketch which shows Harvey Weinstein's defense attorney Damon Cheronis holding the dress Lauren Marie Young, one of Weinstein's accusers, claims she was wearing the night Weinstein allegedly assaulted her. Christine Cornell

It was also revealed in court that Young recently found the dress she said she was wearing the night of the alleged incident.

Upon cross examination, Weinstein's defense attorney highlighted discrepancies between the account Young gave on Wednesday and ones she previously gave to law enforcement agencies. Young admitted she had incorrectly remembered the layout of certain aspects of the bathroom doors and confused the timeline of certain events. She blamed some of these discrepancies on an inability to access her email records from 2013.

Weinstein has denied all allegations against him and claims any sexual encounters with his accusers were consensual.

Young's cross examination will continue on Thursday.

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