Ronan Farrow says Weinstein protected by "machine designed to keep these claims quiet"

Harvey Weinstein scandal widens
Harvey Weinstein scandal widens 03:27

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly in sex rehab overseas Wednesday morning. At least 25 women have publicly described inappropriate conduct by the disgraced Hollywood mogul. Three women told The New Yorker, in an investigation published Tuesday, that Weinstein sexually assaulted them.

Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie told the New York Times that Weinstein sexually harassed them.

The Weinstein Company is promising a full investigation. Multiple sources, past and present employees, told The New Yorker they witnessed touching and groping by Weinstein. One of his alleged victims told CBS News' Jericka Duncan when she was 23, she suddenly found herself alone inside his New York City apartment.

"He came back out 100 percent fully naked," said Katherine Kendall.

Her meeting Weinstein two decades ago is still fresh in her mind.

"Just give me a massage, just let me kiss you. Well if you won't give me a massage then will you at least pick up your shirt and let me see your breasts? And I'm like 'No. I'm leaving,'" Kendall recalled.

Ronan Farrow conducted a 10-month-long investigation for The New Yorker and uncovered the audio tape of Weinstein admitting to forceful touching.  

"There are 13 women in this story, three of them are alleging rape," Farrow said.

One of those women, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, says in 2015, Weinstein groped her and tried to put his hand up her skirt. She went to the NYPD who asked her to wear a wire. The next day, Gutierrez recorded the conversation as Weinstein tried to get her into his hotel room. That audio was obtained by the New Yorker.

Harvey Weinstein forced out 04:09

Gutierrez: "Why yesterday you touch my breast?"

Weinstein: "Oh, please, I'm sorry. Just come on in, I'm used to that. Come on. Please."

Gutierrez: "You're used to that?"

Weinstein: "Yes, come in."

Gutierrez: "No, but I'm not used to that."

Weinstein: "I won't do it again, come on, sit here."

Weinstein was questioned by the NYPD, but the Manhattan district attorney declined to prosecute him.

The Weinstein Company says it is "shocked and dismayed" by the "allegations of extreme sexual misconduct and sex assault" which came as "an utter surprise to the board."

Farrow told us it appears there is a reason it took 20 years for this story to unfold.

"A culture of fear but also a broad array of legal instruments, settlements that were used, a machine designed to keep these claims quiet," Farrow said.

Asked if it was to keep Weinstein safe and employed, Farrow said, "Described in detail in this story is a legal and public relations team that had that very goal – yes." 

Weinstein's wife Georgina Chapman told People magazine Tuesday their 10-year-long marriage is over. They have two children. Fprmer President and Mrs. Obama said, in part, Tuesday they were "disgusted by recent reports about Harvey Weinstein." Hillary Clinton said she was "shocked and appalled".

Weinstein hosted numerous Hollywood fundraisers over many election cycles for President Obama and then-democratic nominee Clinton. One fundraiser at Weinstein's home in 2013 brought in more than $2 million.