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Harvard Nobel Prize Winner Victim of (Not so Smart) Nobel Prize Stealer, Say Cops

Stephen Beaulieu and Prof. Roy Glauber (The Boston Herald) The Boston Herald

ARLINGTON, Mass. (CBS/AP) - Harvard Professor Roy Glauber's Nobel Prize for physics was stolen in a home burglary last month, but police say they "did the math" to catch a thief, who is not quite as clever as his victim.

Investigators say 42-year-old Stephen Beaulieu left behind a trail of evidence in the home invasion last month, including a half-eaten meal and a supermarket receipt for purchases made with food stamps.

"Clearly the victim and the alleged perpetrator in this case are on opposite ends of the IQ spectrum," Arlington, Mass. police Chief Frederick Ryan told The Boston Herald

Authorities say that Beaulieu, of Skowhegan, Maine, invaded the Harvard professor's home in March 2009 while he was away. Glauber told the Herald his home-crasher "went through everything in the house and turned everything upside-down."

Despite Beaulieu's prior list of convictions which spans six states, the alleged Nobel-nabber has pleaded not guilty to breaking and entering and remains incarcerated.

And while the perp may have been caught, Professor Glauber's 2005 Nobel Prize for physics has not been recovered.

"It's an open and active investigation in terms of trying to recover the prize," Chief Ryan said. "Clearly there's a distinction to be made between the monetary value and the emotional value of a Nobel Prize. Emotionally, it's priceless."

The gold medal is roughly 2 1/2 inches in diameter and is inscribed with Professor Roy Glauber's name. The 84-year-old scientist won the Nobel for his research into light particles.