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Hartford Concerts Spark Rioting

Another night of rioting occurred on Sunday following a Dave Matthews Band concert in Hartford.

The unruly people didn't have a ticket, but it didn't seem to matter, reported Susan Raff of CBS affiliate WFSB-TV. Kids pushed their way in, adding more people to an already sold-out crowd at the Meadows. At one point in the evening, police had to arm themselves with riot gear to break up several fights.

In three days, dozens of people have been injured. Paramedics have treated people not only for cuts and bruises, but also for alcohol and drug overdoses. There has been a lot of damage. Saturday night a group of people in the parking lot started lighting cars on fire. When police went in, the crowd began throwing rocks at them.

It seems alcohol was part of the experience. Bottles were strewn all over the parking lot. There was broken glass everywhere.

Not everyone came here for the concert; many arrived just to hang out and to drink.

The Dave Matthews Band

"This is just terrible," said City Councilman Lou Watkins, chairman of the city's public safety committee. "This is not the way you have fun in Hartford."

Police Sergeant Ed Pawlina said there were no problems inside the theater but police had to contend with "a heavy barrage" of rocks and bottles in lots surrounding the arena.

Police said they're going to work with the Meadows music theater to make sure this doesn't happen again, reported Raff.

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