Harry's Christmas Wish

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Let's just say I believe in Santa Claus. And what do I want for Christmas? Well Santa, it's like this: I keep thinking that the U.S. will develop a more mature attitude toward environmental protection.

Santa: you don't want a new bicycle or some really good Yankees tickets. Me: if you can swing good Yankee tickets, I'll really start believing again, but the bike is part of my dream Santa. It's the metaphor for a more progressive attitude about fuel consumption, about joining the world community in its search for pollution standards.

Quick question Santa, do I still get the Yankee tickets if I whine like this?

Santa: I feel your pain. Ya know, the ice at the North Pole has all melted, the workshop looks like downtown New Orleans. Me and the missus — we're moving to a condo in Kyoto.

And one more thing kid, If you're serious about the Yankee tickets, get rid of the SUV.

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By Harry Smith