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Harry Smith's Smoking Secret

The no smoking laws that went into effect in New York bars and restaurants a number of years back were going to ruin businesses. Put people out of work. Turns out the bar and restaurant business actually improved once the smoke cleared. Today when we travel to states where smoking is still allowed, it seems weird. We resent the smoky smell that follows us around because the smoke seeps into in our clothes. New York City is now talking about banning smoking in public outdoor places like parks and Times Square -- even the beach. I do have a little secret to confess. I still smoke the occasional cigar. My wife doesn't want me to smoke in the house; and if the new ordinance gets enacted, I fear smoking will soon be relegated to back alleys or the high seas. Smoking Speakeasies will open -- probably controlled by organized crime. Really, I don't want to get sent to the big house because I was caught puffing on an El Producto. Just A Minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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