Harry Smith on Ft. Hood Shooting Suspect Nidal Malik Hasan

Photo: Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

NEW YORK (CBS) Was Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan a terrorist?

The psychiatrist who is alleged to have shot dozens of fellow soldiers last week at the Fort Hood army post was a devout Muslim. He was opposed to both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He apparently attended the same Virginia mosque where a militant imam preached.

A mosque that was also attended by a couple of the nine-eleven hijackers.

There's plenty of circumstantial evidence that viewed in pieces make Hasan look suspicious.

But, before an attack, would a terrorist publicly speak about the idea that suicide bombers are justified in their actions? Especially in front of people to whom that idea is ridiculous?

Some have suggested Hassan was handled with politically correct kid gloves; that the military bent over backwards to give him room to exercise his first amendment rights.

What seems most likely is that in a military confronting a rash of cases of post traumatic stress, a psychiatrist like Hasan was perhaps seen as too valuable to let go.

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