Harry Smith on Anthony Sowell and His Cleveland House of Horrors

Photo: Anthony Sowell, left, stands behind public defender in Cleveland court Nov. 4, 2009.

NEW YORK (CBS) There was a stench in the neighborhood in Cleveland that folks complained about for months. People said it's that little sausage factory.

PICTURES: Anthony Sowell's Home of Horror

But, it wasn't of course.

The smell was of decomposing human flesh in and outside the house of Anthony Sowell.

Authorities have counted at least ten bodies on the property so far and they're looking for more.

Sowell was let out of jail a few years back for an attempted rape conviction. And it looks like he's been luring women to his home and then killing them ever since.

A woman who escaped from Sowell said he tried to choke her. And said no one will care because "you're just a crack whore." I spoke with a young woman on Wednesday whose mother became addicted to drugs. She went missing from that neighborhood a year ago.

When the daughter went to the police… they laughed and said "oh she'll show up for Christmas."

Human beings viewed as dispensable, discardable. And Anthony Sowell was there to take advantage.

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PICTURES: Anthony Sowell's Home of Horror

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Associated Press has withdrawn reports referring to Sowell as a "convicted rapist." The AP says that Sowell was only convicted of attempted rape, according to police.