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Harry Smith: "Nashville Star?"

Tuesday on The Early Show, Harry Smith debuted a song he wrote and recorded when he was in Nashville ahead of the second presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.

But just because Smith and The Early Show staff are singing the praises of the song, "Red State Blue State Blues," it doesn't mean the rest of America will like it, too.

Listen Now: "Red State Blue State Blues"
So Smith asked for an expert opinion direct from Nashville.

Singer, songwriter and "Nashville Star" judge Jeffrey Steele says he listened to the entire song "twice" and offered the following critique:

So should Smith quit his day job for a career in country music?

"First thing you did right is you got a great band and a great producer ("Jimmy Nichols," adds Smith). He did a good job. It sounds really great. I'm going to give you a 7.9 on this effort. I think you have a lot of promise. I think it's a great hook at a timely time in our history," Steele said.

Smith gave all the credit to the talented singer Sarah Darling, who accompanies him on the song.

"Sarah Darling is a great singer, but you've got a lot of promise. I thought it was a well put-together song. I'll go ahead and give you an 8 on it," Steele added.

So what does Smith need to score a perfect 10?

"Your singing is fine -- not all songwriters sing, you know. You did a great job, I think you sang it well. I think the lyric could have been a bit stronger, but for what you did, for what the song is about -- it was a great effort. It's the first of many. Like I always tell everybody, you've gotta keep writing them."

As for Smith's dance moves? Steele gave him a 2.5.