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Harry And Louise II

The new Harry and Louise ad we told you about yesterday is now on the Web. In the 30-second spot, the two chat about “Lisa’s husband,” who was diagnosed with cancer but can’t afford coverage because he joined a start up.

“Too many people are falling through the cracks,” Harry says.

“Whoever the next president is, health care should be at the top of his agenda. Bring everyone to the table and make it happen,” Louise replies.

The original Harry and Louise ads were credited with helping to kill health care reform in 1994 and were paid for by the now-defunct Health Insurance Association of America, a forerunner of America’s Health Insurance Plans.

Today, AHIP president Karen Ignagni praised the new ad, which is sponsored by American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the American Hospital Association, the Catholic Health Association and Families USA and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

“We fully support this campaign because the seeds of workable reform are planted in efforts like this: diverse stakeholders from across the spectrum working together to find common ground,” Ignagni said in a statement.

AARP, which has also been pushing for health care reform, welcomed the duo back to the scene.

“It’s great to have Harry and Louise on our side. In the last 14 years their insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses have exploded,” said spokesman Jim Dau. “Hate to say I told you so…”