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Happy Fourth Of July, America!

This column was written by CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Harry Smith.
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy
Yankee Doodle, do or die
A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam
Born on the Fourth of July

With apologies to George M. Cohan, I love that song and I love this holiday. It's our birthday and its time for a celebration. There are plenty of days for sober reflection and this, thank goodness, is not one of them. The Fourth of July is about sounding off, singing some good old American songs and filling the sky with fireworks.

For the last couple of years it's been my honor and pleasure to host the Boston Pops Fourth of July Concert on CBS. A half a million people or more line the banks of the Charles River and the Pops plays favorites including a terrific medley of songs where we all join in.

You're a grand old flag,
You're a high flying flag
And forever in peace my you wave.
You're the emblem of
The land I love.
The home of the free and the brave.

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Every heart beats true
'Neath the Red, White and Blue
Where there's never a boast or brag.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
Keep your eye on the grand old flag.

The Pops concert harkens back to the days when every American town had a least a couple of bands that played in the town square and where summer nights could be spent secure and serene, serenaded by local folk displaying their best talents.

Of course there's food too, and trust me, the main course is not as important as desert. Chocolate cake or brownies to be sure, but better still, blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream.

And fire works? Let 'em rip.

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By Harry Smith

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