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Happy Dancer Matt Harding Loves His Job

Matt Harding is one of the world's most recognized dancers, but don't expect to see him at the ballet or on Broadway.

The self-described 31-year-old deadbeat from Connecticut is famous for viral videos of him doing what's basically a happy little jig. The twist is he does it in locations all over the world - often in a big crowd of people.

"It's a dance I've been doing since I learned to stand up," Harding told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. "I haven't really evolved it beyond that."

His fame was anything but intentional.

"There was not a plan," he said. "It sort of happened as things tend to, on the Internet where I put this up three years ago. And it was just me kind of goofing off all around the world on this trip I took."

The video was so popular that Stride gum approached Harding and offered to sponsor a sequel. He's been on a whirlwind trip ever since and he even gets to select the itinerary.

"I go to the places I'm curious about or I go to places where I get e-mail from and meet people who have watched the video and enjoyed it," he said.

Despite his fame, Harding likes to keep his entourage small. Sometimes he takes along his girlfriend, Melissa, and other than that it's just his camera and his tripod.

To read more about Harding's adventures and see all his videos, click here.

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