Happy Birthday to YouTube

I send birthday wishes as YouTube turns five. On this day in April the first video went live.

It was just a message from a guy at the zoo. And where it would lead, no one really knew.

But along came big hits like Evolution of Dance. And Potter Puppet Pals with a bored Voldy Pants.

Babies that wiggle in diapers and bonnets. If you like the vids, put a teething ring on it!

Seven million have seen a song for a duck. And there's also a show called What the Buck.

Even I've tried my hand at this video game. And auto-tunes brought me some fake singing fame.

But some real musicians who make their fans scream, like Bieber and Boyle...you know, Miss Dreamed a Dream,

Got their start on this site some once said was a fad. Well, five years later we still love it like mad.

It might seem silly...but when you feel crabby.

Just look for the clips of the toilet-trained tabby.

Happy Birthday, YouTube.