Happy Bird-day: Donald Duck Turns 75

He's the cantankerous one in the classic Disney family. But since he's finally getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, maybe he'll be appeased for a minute or two.
It was June 9, 1934 - 75 years ago today. FDR was in the White House, the country was in a depression and a kid could get into the movies for a nickel. And on the silver screen, reports CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, a star was born.

"Who, me? Oh no. I've got a belly ache."

With that semi-unintelligible line, Donald Duck made his cartoon debut. The yellow-billed bird wasn't even on the bill for "The Wise Little Hen." And even though he struggled for screen time with another newcomer, Peter Pig, Donald would prove he was no quack.

He had his own daily newspaper comic strip by 1938, and by the 1940's, he'd already surpassed Mickey Mouse in the number of cartoons reaching theaters.

Web-footed and hot-headed, Donald starred in more than 150 other cartoons and seven full-length feature films.

In one of his most daring roles, a patriotic Donald took on the Nazi's in "Der Fuehrer's Face" - which earned him his one and only Oscar in 1943.

At 75, Donald Duck is no spring chicken, but he still looks pretty good.