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Happier Parenting

Parenting is not an easy job, but you can be happy while doing it. American Baby Senior Lifestyle Editor, Jessica Hartshorn shares tips on how to be a happy parent after the baby turns your life upside down.

First things first...don't forget to eat. Parenting feels like an Olympic sport, minus the gold metal. For fuel, try hummus or peanut butter on wheat bread or a fruity trail mix.

Get out the house and take a walk outside. Human beings need sunshine to survive, especially those of us who spend a lot of waking hours in the dark.

Playing music is good for you and the baby. Jack Johnson's soundtrack to the Curious George movie is the perfect antidote to a rainy day. But while your baby is tiny, you may as well play adult music you enjoy too.

Remember to have sex. Despite all of the ways you can shoot down the idea like you need to sleep or you haven't even had time to shower - the benefits of sex are hard to dispute.

Hire a baby sitter during the day to get some alone time. Have someone come over for a few hours every week. The baby will enjoy the playtime and extra attention and you'll have some time to yourself. And don't feel guilty about getting in some "me" time. It is well deserved.

Join a Moms' group to share your feels about motherhood. If you feel shy, meet up with fellow new moms online. It's great to vent or just listen to other women going through the same seismic change you are.

Trust that you are doing a good job and stop second guessing yourself. Just relax.

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Jessica Hartshorn & Erika Wortham