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"Handsome Handyman" 's $5 Home Repairs

Trying to save a little money on home improvements?

Cutting corners doesn't have to be ugly. Home improvement expert Jake Tyson, the "Aussie Handsome Handy Man," makes it all look good.

On "The Early Show,"Tyson showed how you can make your home look better with five home repair fixes that cost less than $5.

Tip 1: Removing and replacing cracked tiles the easy way.

Drill a hole in the middle of the tile that's cracked. Get a chisel and work from the middle back removing tile that is cracked. This way you don't damage or lift up any of the good tiles. Once removed, scuff up grout with back of claw hammer. Once clean, simply use liquid nails (for tiles and masonry) to glue down. Work tile in with hand to get strong bond.

Tip 2: Wobbling or uneven table leg

Simply put a dollop of silicone at the bottom of leg and allow a few hours to dry.

Tip 3: Fix a scrape on furniture

Find a crayon to match your furniture and melt it in the microwave. Then simply pour onto affected area. Use something flat like a putty knife to make smooth. You will never pick the spot!

Tip 4: Fix old furniture that's falling apart.

Use white wood glue and inject in all rungs and exposed joints. Most people at home don't have woodworking clamps, so make a clamp out of a bit of old rope or long belt you have laying around the house and bind it around the furniture to keep the joints in place.

Tip 5: Safely remove a broken light bulb.

Turn off power. Then simply get a potato and cut it in half. Push down on the broken light bulb about an inch and turn.

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