"Hands up kitten" is an adorable update to a legendary classic

(CBS) - Raise your hands in the air if you love adorable videos!

The above video is of a very cute kitten being tickled and raising her hands (paws) up in the air each time the tickling stops. Not surprisingly the video is entitled "Hands up kitten" - check it out and prepare to say, "Awwwwwww...!!"

The video is very reminiscent of a legendary classic, which I'm including below, entitled "Surprise Kitty."  At over 45 million views, this 2009 video ranks up there with the likes of "Charlie Bit My Finger," "David After The Dentist" and a few elite others.

And if you like both the videos (or even just one), be sure to check out our slideshow presentation of "Itty Bitty Pets" that will complete the triple rainbow of animal adorableness that is this post.