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Handbag-Swinging Granny Foils Robbery

Call it a super senior moment: Who needs Superman when there's Super Granny?

In Northampton, England, a gang of robbers trying to smash a jewelry store window Monday was surprised by a Good Samaritan, said to be -- in her 70s.

She rushed up to them without hesitation and started swinging at them with her handbag.

An employee of the store, Sarah Jane Brown says, "We were terrified. We locked the door. We hid under the desk. We were really scared. And then, we looked outside and, God love her, she was running down the road, with her handbag in the air, banging them on the back of their helmet with her handbag."

It was all caught on tape.

And it appeared to work, says "Early Show" co-anchor Jeff Glor.

The suspects fled on their mopeds. One of the men fell. The crowed held him until police arrived. So far, four suspects have been arrested.

Northampton police confirmed the incident to CBS News partner network Sky News, verifying that the events shown on the video did take place.

To see the video and Glor's report, click below:

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