"Hamburger dispute" allegedly led Fla. man, 78, to fatally stab wife, report says

Bartolo Gelsomino
CBS Miami, via Miami-Dade Dept. of Corrections

(CBS) MIAMI, Fla. - Bartolo Gelsomino, 78, is accused of killing his 70-year-old wife after she refused to cook him a hamburger, CBS Miami reports.

Bartolo Gelsomino allegedly stabbed his wife, Ana Gelsomino, to death and covered up the crime by staging a burglary to their home, the station reports.

The couple's daughter told CBS Miami that her mother suffered years of abuse during their 52 years of marriage.

"That day it was a hamburger, another day it was eggs," the daughter told the CBS Miami in an exclusive interview. "Another day the water was too cold or too hot. It didn't matter, anything that wasn't right or didn't feel right, he used it to control my mother."

The daughter, who declined to be named, discovered her mother's body the night of Jan. 21 inside the couple's Florida home.

According to The Miami Herald, Bartolo Gelsomino confessed to stabbing his wife and lead police to a trash bin where he ditched the kitchen knife that was used.

He is charged with second degree murder and is scheduled to face arraignment on February 11th.