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Halloween Costumes for Kids, on the Cheap!

An expert from FamilyFun magazine noted things you already have that you can use to create greats outfits for youngsters.

This year, the scariest part of Halloween could be the cost -- especially if your kids have their eyes on pricey costumes.

But have no fear: you can make creative, super costumes yourself for next-to-nothing using simple items already in your house that FamilyFun magazine Contributing Editor Deb Geigis Berry pointed to on "The Early Show Saturday Edition."

You can even make these at the last-minute, since you don't have to buy anything!

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The costumes, and materials:

Skelton (Mr. Bones)

• White Bathing Cap
• Face Paint- Black & White
• Black Long-sleeved Turtleneck & Sweatpants, Black Shoes, Socks.
• White Bones attached
• Black/boned Hand & Foot coverings

Come-Clean Washing Machine

• Cardboard box (ours was 18 by 18 by 18 inches)
• Packing tape
• Box knife
• 1 roll of white Con-Tact paper
• 9-inch-diameter paper plate
• 2 round, clear plastic plates or container lids (ours are 12 inches in diameter), found at party stores or ask for them at your grocery store's deli counter
• 12- by 24-inch piece of clear cellophane
• 12- by 24-inch piece of blue cellophane
• Silver foil tape (available at hardware stores)
• Adhesive-backed Velcro
• Hot-glue gun
• 3 plastic bottle caps and 1 plastic lid
• Black permanent marker
• Small, empty detergent box
• 5 safety pins
• Assorted pieces of clothing

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

• White pants, shirt and shoes
• 2-inch-thick white upholstery foam (sold at fabric stores), cut into two 24- by 30-inch pieces and one 12-inch circle
• Scissors or bread knife (for cutting the foam)
• Brown and green acrylic paints
• Paintbrush
• 12- by 18-inch sheets of craft foam: 4 pink, 1 green, 2 yellow
• Aleene's Foamtastic glue
• 24 pipe cleaners, yellow and white
• Stapler
• Three 12- by 18-inch oval pieces of green vinyl mesh, also called waffle (sold at fabric stores)
• 4 yards of white ribbon
• 8- by 34-inch piece of blue cellophane
• Clear tape
• 3/8-inch wooden dowel, 18 inches long
• Cloth headband

Mummified King Tut

• White top and bottoms
• Light-colored shoes.
• White Streamers and/or Heavy Toilet Paper.
• Scotch Double-sided tape
• cutting board
• string
• markers
• card stock
• printable mask from
• printable headpiece from
• printable beard from

Striking Viking

• Red Sleeveless Shirt
• Long Sleeve White Shirt
• Black pants
• Gallon milk jug
• Duct tape
• 3 full sheets of newspaper
• papier-mâché glue (see Tips below for recipe) and paintbrush
• Brown bag, torn into 1- by 4-inch strips
• Gold envelope seals
• Faux fur, sold in packages at discount stores or by the yard at fabric stores (you'll need a 14- by 24-inch piece to make a cape, and more for trim)
• Velcro Sticky-Back strips
• 2 yards of 1-inch-wide ribbon (boy's cape)
• Boots
• 2 aluminum pizza tray


• White T-shirt
• Jeans
• Black shoes
• Bandana
• 4 pieces of corrugated cardboard at 26x30 inches
• 1 piece of corrugated cardboard at 12x30 inches
• Double-sided mounting tape
• Paints
• Paper towel tubes
• Tinfoil
• Black trash bag
• Masking tape
• Electrical tape
• Trash bag leather vest

Vacation Ghost

• White Sheet
• Sunglasses
• Sheet of Tulle

For complete details from FamilyFun on putting together these and a vast array of other costumes, click here.

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