Haiti Orphans' 3,200-Mile Road to Recovery

When the Bakers and their newest children finally arrived home to hugs this week, it was the end of a surreal journey for Thamar, Davidson, and Lili - three of the lucky orphans airlifted from the earthquake who are now about to start a new life, on solid ground and in soft beds, reports CBS News correspondent Cynthia Bowers.

Even though Haiti is a world away, Nat and Kris Baker have devoted years to the poor island nation.

"Every time we travel to Haiti we see kids on the street hungry and hurting and scared," Nat Baker said. "That breaks my heart. Every child deserves a chance."

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Five years ago they adopted a girl from Haiti, a new sister for their two biological sons. Kimberly's mother was too poor to raise her.

On a return visit a few years later, Kimberly's mother begged the Bakers to save her other three children, too.

Although these kids have only come 3,200 miles, they may has well be on a different planet - coming from the subtropical devastated city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti (population 3 million) to Colville in the chilly mountains of Washington (population 5,000, almost all of them white).

Now 11 years old, Kimberly hopes to help her siblings through the culture shock - even though she's forgotten her native Creole.

"I want to talk to them but like have no idea what they are saying," Kimberly said.

So she can only imagine what 15-year-old big sister Thama has been through.

Looking at the future, the Bakers feel both blessed and burdened.

"It scares us to death if you want the honest truth, it scares us to death," Kris Baker said.

For now, the new Baker kids are enjoying simple pleasures.

"We want to what's best for them," Nat Baker said. "It's not about Chris and I, Kody and Kyle. It's about what God wants these kids to do with their lives."

One day the Bakers will to return to Haiti to see their mother and their native land.

But for now this is home and they are on the road to recovery.