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Hair Comes The Bride

Once a bride has found her perfect dress, there still remains the question: What to do with her hair and makeup?

Stylist David Evangelista offered a few choices to The Early Show's Wedding in a Week bride-to-be Melissa and we asked you, the viewer, to weigh in with your choice by participating in our Wedding in a Week poll.

So here are the results of the looks explained bellow: the Romantic Look came in first with 58 percent of the votes, the Modern Look was second with 30 percent of the votes and the Sexy Look was third with 12 percent of the votes. As for Melissa, she says the Modern Look is what she thinks will suit her best. Thanks for participating.

In general, David says that a bride definitely should go in for at least one test-run on hair and makeup before her wedding day. He adds, "You should do one a month before the big day, and if you don't like what they do in the first test, you'll have enough time to plan a second. I've seen one too many brides who've waited till their wedding day to talk to their stylist about their wedding look, and when the hair and makeup are finished, these girls break into tears. There's no need for that. You can plan far more in advance than the actual wedding day to make sure you're happy with the final result."

David also advises that the bride bring photos of how she would like to look. He says, "Pictures give the stylist an idea of where this girl is in her mind, what she's wanting to look like. And any competent stylist will be able to look at those pictures, and, A, see if the looks are realistic for the woman, and, B, replicate the look to some extent. Sometimes words aren't enough, and photos will really be better than verbal descriptions."

David also says that the bride should bring a picture of her dress with her, so that the stylist can get a general feel of what her hair and makeup will be complementing. "A girl could come in asking for really romantic hair, but if she has a very modern dress, it may not look right," David says. "The styling of the hair and makeup is really a collaborative effort between bride and stylist, so the stylist has to know everything that he's going to be dealing with that day."

David created three different looks for our bride-to-be, Melissa.

Modern Look: David says he loves this look because of its simplicity, elegance, and overall chic. "This look can work beautifully for a girl with a structured, more modern dress - not too frou-frou, no bows or ribbons," he explains. "It's a clean look for a clean dress."

For the hair, on model Beth, he created a twist on a classic chignon by making a pony tail, splitting it in half, and wrapping it in a knot with the ends popping out just a touch. For added flair, David adds a gardenia or two, just sticking out from the knot.

David had makeup artist Julie Clevering do a distinctly lined eye on Beth, adding individual false lashes for maximum eyelash fullness. The rest of the face is kept very clean - pale pink lip, just a flush of pink on the lip. Simple, modern, and stunning.

Romantic Look: This is a look for a bride who wants to look like a fairy princess. For this very romantic appearance, David pairs a loose hairstyle with glowing makeup. "It's very natural," he says, "but very beautiful."

For this look, David uses a curling iron on model Adriana's hair, then pulls and pins it back into a loose chignon, with some pieces falling around her face. He tops her head with a gorgeous but simply beaded headpiece, created by stylist Nancy Redisch, for an even more romantic look. David had makeup artist Julie Clevering create a glowing, dewy (almost ethereal) look by using natural colors in pinks and peaches, blended with shimmer.

Sexy Look: Of course, it is appropriate for a bride to look a little more sultry on her wedding day if she chooses, says David. "This is a sexy look without being too all-out seductive," says David. "It's perfect for the bride who wants to add more drama with her hair and makeup."

David pulled pieces of model Jennifer's hair from the sides of her face to the back (think "temples upward"), pinning them in the back with sparkling pins and combs studded with crystals and rhinestones, designed by Nancy Redisch. He leaves the bottom of Jennifer's hair down to get a half-up/half-down look that looks sweetly sexy.

For Jennifer's makeup, Julie Clevering went dramatic, giving her a smoky eye and sexy flush. The result: a more daring look for the bolder bride.

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