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Hair Accessory Trends

If you're looking to change up your hairstyle this summer, without doing anything drastic, you may want to consider the latest in hair accessory trends.

Stylist to the stars David Evangelista visits The Early Show to help select the best one to complement your look.

You can choose from a wide selection suitable not just for evening and special occasions, but for daytime too.

Bejeweled Hair Accessories
Add a little "bling bling" with hair jewelry in an assortment of colors, sizes and shapes. Tiny sparkly barrettes work especially well with short hairstyles.

Medusa's Heirloom Rhinestone Crystal Barrettes in various designs and colors, $38-$48. Available at Henri Bendel (1-800-HBENDEL)

Floral Hair Accessories
Flowers in an array of colors gives a fresh approach. And although floral accessories have been around for years, they continue to grow in popularity.

  • Johnny Loves Rosie Tropical Flower Barrette, $48.
    Available at Henri Bendel (1-800-HBENDEL) or online
  • Michelle Roy Flowers Clips with Swarovski crystals in various colors and sizes, $20-$70. Available online at

Headbands, especially the soft or scarf versions, are currently one of the hottest hair accessories of the year. They come in every imaginable fabric, color, pattern, and width.
  • Frank and Kahn Paisley Printed Headbands,$46.
    Available at
  • Rachel Weissman Blue Polka Dot Headband, $58, or Pink/Brown Soft Headband, $38. Available at Barney's or Bendel's (1-800-HBENDEL)
  • Frederic Fekkai Pink Headband, $120.
    Available at Bendel's (1-800-HBENDEL)
  • Cara Couture N.Y Head Scarf at Bendel's, $38.
    Available at Bendel's (1-800-HBENDEL)
  • L. Erickson Head Scarf, $38.
    Available at Bendel's (1-800-HBENDEL)
  • Kat Wraps Silk Scarfs, $32.
    Available at
  • Gap Scarfs (Teal or Black with Horse Motif & Red Flower), $19.50.

Ponytail Holders
Wearing hair up and back in a low or middle ponytail provides a clean and elegant look with little effort. To complete the look, add one or more ponytail holders to the very top of the outside pony or layer several along the length of the ponytail. Choose from a variety of holders -- ranging from simple to ornate.
  • Sephora Snag-free Hair Elastics, $3.50, Glass Flower Ponytail Holder Collection, $18, & Magenta Leather Pansy Ponytail Holder, $18.
    Available at
  • Banana Republic Brooch Ponytail Holder $20, Stone Ponytail Holder $18, Stone Cluster or Fringe Ponytail Holders $24.
    Available at
  • Jane Tran Amazonite ponytail holder, $55 & Cornelian ponytail holder, $40.
    Available at
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