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Hack of Sony Pictures prompts stern talk from North Korea

North Korea calls Sony hack a "righteous deed... 01:35

"A righteous deed": the words of North Korea today over that scandalous hacking at Sony Pictures. North Korea apparently liked it, but says it's not behind it.

Sony's movie "The Interview" pokes fun at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

But what was mean to be a harmless comedy that centers on a plot to assassinate the "Supreme Leader" has become an international incident.

North Korea called it "an act of war," and a cyberattack on Sony Pictures has people pointing fingers at Pyongyang.

After Sony Pictures employees received a thre... 01:44

"It might be a righteous deed" of North Korea supporters, the government said in a statement, criticizing the film for "abetting a terrorist act while hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership."

The attack ground Sony to a virtual standstill, crippling its computer systems and spilling the beans on internal salary figures.

There hasn't been any evidence linking the North Korean government to the hacking attack.

But the government has made clear it considers Sony Pictures an enemy, and it's got a track record of launching plenty of cyberwars for less.

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