Habitat for Humanity home hit by thieves

CBS Boston
CBS Boston

(CBS) STOUGHTON, Mass. - A Habitat for Humanity home was invaded by thieves and vandals, police say.

CBS Boston reports that on Sunday night, $3,000 worth of equipment was stolen from the home, and the basement was covered in paint.

The house was about 75 percent complete, Martine Taylor, executive director of South Shore Habitat for Humanity told The Patriot Ledger. "We have lost a compressor, nail guns, chop saw and cords, and additionally whoever did this vandalized the basement with paint," she said.

The brand new house was going to the Daxberger family, who was just a few weeks away from moving in. The house was something they had dreamed about for many years.

"Our oldest son, he's going to be 13, he's never lived in a house," said Erin Daxberger. "So it's going to be huge for him."

The house is specially equipped for the family's 4-year-old son who has muscular dystrophy and can not walk.

This Monday, when Daxberger went to check on the house, she noticed the door was open, and knew there was a problem. Someone had broken in, left the house a mess, and stolen thousands of dollars worth of tools.

Work on the house will have to be slowed until Habitat gets the money to replace the tools. Daxberger hopes someone's conscience will get to them first.

"I want them just to bring the tools back and put them on the deck and that's it," she said. "I don't want anybody to be in trouble at Christmas time. I just want the tools back because it's the right thing to do."

The theft will most likely delay the family's move-in date by about a month.

Taylor said the group hopes to finish the house shortly after Jan. 1.

Habitat for Humanity is asking for more help from local residents, this time in the form of donations to purchase new equipment.