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H1N1 Changing Social Interactions?

H1N1 concerns for this flu season are higher than ever. Should people be concerned with the way they greet each other? Should the "air kiss" and handshake go by the wayside?

CBS News correspondent Bianca Solorzano reported on "The Early Show" Wednesday, the French Health Ministry hotline is recommending against close contact, such as the kiss and even the handshake.

Jodi Smith, an etiquette expert, said, "I don't think this will be a permanent change to French etiquette. The French are so demonstrative."

The no-kissing recommendation is being echoed by health officials around the world, from Lebanon to Mexico to the United States. One school in New York has even banned all touching.

One parent told CBS News if children cut down on high-fives, it's a good idea.

"Just to cut down on transmission," she said.

Some people interviewed by CBS News said they would change their greetings because of the H1N1 germs.

One unidentified woman told Solorzano, "If you're dealing in business you can't just not shake someone's hand because you're afraid they might have the flu or could be a carrier."

She added, "I have antibacterial stuff on me at all times."

So what is the germ-free way to respectfully say hello and goodbye?

Smith said, "For most Americans, we're not comfortable bowing, so instead we have the eye contact and the head nod."

CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook shared information on how H1N1 is spread on "The Early Show." To view more of his interview, click on the video below.

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