Gym etiquette tips for New Year's "resolutionists"

It's as predictable as the ball drop on New Year's Eve. Every January, gyms across the country see a surge in new membership as people resolve to shape up and lose weight in the new year.

And every January, regular gym-goers brace themselves for a flood of newbies -- known as "resolutionists" -- who don't know how to conduct themselves and observe appropriate gym etiquette.

"They leave weights around. They don't put stuff away. They don't know how to share a machine, take turns. They just don't understand gym etiquette," complained Gabe Mancusso as he worked out at the Retro Fitness health club in New Rochelle, New York.

Trainer Ty Hilton offered the newcomers some advice. "Try to stay out of the regulars' way, that's one," he told CBS New York's Lou Young. "Two, you probably shouldn't be texting on the machine. That's annoying."

And he added, "Move with a purpose. Don't be lollygagging around and watching people work out."

Gym nutritionist Natalie Thomas-Olivede's advice gets personal. "You find people back in the locker room, you know, doing things without towels that makes other people uncomfortable," she said. Be respectful of your fellow gym-goers' comfort level and privacy.

And one more suggestion from a pro: Don't sing along with your iPod. It happens more than you might think. "Yeah, I have a couple of clients that tend to forget they're in a public place and they like to sing out loud," said assistant manager Beverly Morro.

All good advice to help you get that healthy resolution off on the right foot.