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Gwen Wright Missing: Police Say Ohio Woman Left Of "Own Free Will," but Whereabouts Still Unknown

Gwen Wright Missing: Police Say Ohio Woman Left Of "Own Free Will," but Whereabouts Still Unknown
Gwen Wright (Personal Photo)

WELLINGTON, OHIO (CBS/WOIO) Authorities called off the search for Ohio woman, Gwen Wright, who was believed to have been abducted last week; however, accounts from witnesses led police to confirm that she was in fact not kidnapped, but instead left on her own free will.

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Wright, who was reported missing Oct. 6, was spotted by two witnesses at a Blakes pharmacy in southern Ohio, according to a statement obtained by CBS affiliate WOIO from the Wellington police department.

The statement indicates that Wright falsely told witnesses that her husband, Dwayne Wright, died of cancer and that she lost her house and her job. Apparently, all Wright wanted to do was head to the beach, states the report.

Police, who are unsure of her current whereabouts, say "she is alone and doesn't appear to be in distress," according to WOIO. Authorities conducted a meeting Wednesday with Wright's husband to reveal the findings of the investigation.  According to police chief Steve Rollins, Wright's disappearance is no longer within the jurisdiction of their department; therefore, the search for the missing nurse has ended.

"She's an adult, she has not committed a crime, she can do what she wants," he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "She just flew the coop."

Wright, 38, was last seen leaving a local Wal-Mart superstore around 10:05 p.m. after she reportedly told her husband, Dwayne,  that she was going there to rent a DVD.

She was scheduled for work at Mercy Community Hospital the next day but did not show up, WOIO reported. Authorities later found her car containing her ID and cell phone abandoned at a car dealership in Peebles, Ohio.

One of the two witnesses who spotted Wright at Blakes pharmacy was a minister and told her that he provided spiritual support and then directed her to a local hotel. When Wright attempted to rent a room at the Country Nights Inn, authorities say she identified herself as Jenny May from Decanter, Illinois. She was denied a room because she did not have identification.

Police also confirmed earlier reports that the minister's wife saw Wright walking along a nearby highway.

Concerned for her safety, Wright's husband begged for her to return home or seek medical attention as she has been diagnosed with diabetes and may require medication, reports The Chronicle-Telegram.

Family and friends held a vigil for Gwen Tuesday night, praying for her safe return.

October 11, 2010 - Gwen Wright Missing: Ohio Woman Disappears After Wal-Mart Trip