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Guys' Guide to the Kitchen

A lot of guys never turn on the stove at dinner time. They grab the phone and call for takeout.

However, dinner doesn't always have to mean chopsticks and Styrofoam plates. Guys can cook at home. And on "The Early Show" Adam Rapoport of GQ magazine shared some simple tricks and essential tips to make any guy an ace in the kitchen.

Rapoport suggested these ingredients and products:

Williams Sonoma Fish Spatula $15
All-Clad Locking Tongs $25
Crate & Barrel Whisk $8-$11
Santoku Knife $60
Oxo Microplane Grater $16

Fresh breadcrumbs for serious crunch
Fresh herbs for instant brightness
Caramelized onions for silky sweetness
Parmigiano-Reggiano for texture and salt

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