Gummy bears + vodka = trouble for Pa. high schoolers

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According to police in Derry, Pa., gummy bears were only part of the snack "recipe" some high school students whipped up; the other ingredient, they say, was vodka

(CBS/AP) DERRY, Pa. - Gummy bears and vodka go together like...well, like gummy bears and vodka.

Which is why four students at a western Pennsylvania high school are charged with eating and sharing the alcohol-soaked treat in an apparent effort to get drunk, say police.

The students, who attend the Derry Area High School, remain unidentified due to the fact that they are all being charged as juveniles for illegally purchasing, consuming, and possessing or transporting liquor.

State police spokesman Trooper Steve Limani confirms that the students were caught with the spiked gummy bears last Thursday in the school cafeteria.

Peanut butter and jelly it's not.