Man aims to jump-rope marathon in search of world record

AKRON, Ohio - An Ohio runner plans to jump rope the Akron marathon in his quest for a Guinness world record.

David Livingston of Wooster has been training for several months for the attempt, which involves continually swinging the rope over the 26.2-mile course.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports Livingston has run every Akron marathon since its 2003 launch. He did it while juggling in 2008 and wearing sandals in 2010.

Livingston must run just under 4½ half hours for the record at Saturday's race. One son is videotaping the entire run, a Guinness requirement, while another is taking still photos.

Race Director Brian Polen says nontraditional runners are common, such as the man last year who wore a LeBron James mask while dribbling basketballs.