Guinness Declares French Twins Oldest in the World

Whiskey, liqueur, and a drop of exercise...are those the secret ingredients for living a long life? That's the advice given by Raymonde and Lucienne, the oldest living pair of twins in the world.

Recently celebrating their 98th birthdays this month, these French natives have been certified by Guiness World Records for their collective longevity.

And what do they cite as reasons why they've lived so long? Speaking to reporters in French, Lucienne said that she regularly drinks pastis, an aperitif from their native country which, on average, contains at least 40% alcohol. When Lucienne asked her sister what she drinks to stay vital, Raymonde had just one response, "Whiskey."

Born in Paris in 1912, the twins regularly stay active with card games, friends, and dancing. Even at their age, this pair certainly hasn't forgotten the joie de vivre.

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