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Growth Market: Hillary Haters

The Facebook page "Stop Hillary Clinton: (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)" has topped the 420,000 mark, seeing growth of about 12,000 a week. About seven days ago, it had some 408,000 members. Love her or hate her, she seems to be tops on the Internet.

While her official Facebook page only has about 42,000 members, the anti-Facebook page has now bested Sen. Barack Obama's Facebook page, which used to be king, reports our Kim Clark. He has about 146,000 members right now. One thing is for sure: Democrats continue to dominate the social networking sites online. Just consider the blogosphere's love of Republican Ron Paul.

Despite all the Internet chatter, he's got about 26,000 Facebook friends--and he's the most Facebook-friended of all the GOP presidential hopefuls.

By Paul Bedard

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