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Groups Hit Obama On Abortion, McCain On Water

The Family Research Council is out with a new spot running in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan and the Washington DC market that goes after Barack Obama for "dangerous values" when it comes to abortion. The conservative group is spending $100,000 to air the spot, according to David Brody.

"What would you do as president?" a female announcer asks in the spot. "Fix the economy? End the war? Restore our schools?"

Then cut to video of Obama, who says, "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom Of Choice Act."

Back to the announcer: "Really. Obama's top priority as president will be a law to reinstate partial birth abortion? Eliminate parental notification? And force taxpayers to fund abortions?"

She concludes: "Barack Obama: Dangerous values."

The League Of Conservation Voters, meanwhile, is hitting John McCain for wanting "to take" what it characterizes as Colorado's scare water resources. The spot, designed to influence a tight race in the state, hits the Republican nominee for wanting to renegotiate the Colorado River compact "so Arizona and California can grab our water."

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