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Group Tied To Coleman¿s $600 Landlord Runs Anti-Franken Ad

A top client of GOP convention CEO Jeff Larson — the same St. Paul, Minn. operative who rented a $600 room-plus-commode to Minn. Sen. Norm Coleman — is uncorking a second round of negative ads against Coleman opponent Al Franken.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a client of Larson’s communications consulting firm FLS-Connect, has begun running a 30-second spot ridiculing Franken’s failure to report his stand-up income in 17 states.

The chamber has just bought $42,500 in ads on the local ABC affiliate in Minneapolis and is also running spots on FOX stations and on outlets in Duluth and Rochester.

The spiel:

“High taxes hurt. But it seems like every time Al Franken opens his mouth he talks about raising taxes. This from a guy who was caught not paying his own taxes in 17 states! Over 70,000 dollars. But Al Franken wants to increase taxes on Minnesota families, retirees, asking us to pay more when he fails to pay his taxes? Maybe he shouldn't open his mouth. Tell Al Franken that high taxes aren't very funny.”

Coleman has emphatically denied he got a sweetheart deal when reports of the cheap rent — and his failure to pay it for months — surfaced in the National Journal.

FLS Connect, which has done about $1.5 million of business with Coleman’s campaign, has offices in the Larson-owned Washington townhouse where the Minnesota Democrat-turned-Republican lays his head during session.

Calls to Larson’s company, the chamber and the Coleman campaign weren’t immediately returned.

Federal law prohibits Coleman from coordinating campaign expenditures with outside groups like the chamber.