Group Looks To Re-Create Bloody 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention In Denver

Will Denver '08 bring up memories of Chicago '68?

It will if a group called Re-create 68 have anything to say about it. The group is promising "demonstrations that will rival those at the bloody 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago" at the August's Democratic National Convention in Denver, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

The Re-create 68 Alliance is upset that a permit for the Civic Center, a "spacious plaza" that "has been used for major public events and celebrations representing the diversity and cultural heritage of Colorado and Denver," according to the city of Denver's Web site, went to the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee following a redraw for permits during the convention.

"When things blow up because the police have to enforce a permit that the Democrats got, don't blame us for that," Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer for the group, told the News.

The Host Committee points out that it is not the same as the Democratic National Committee, but Re-create 68 says Democrats are "trying to silence dissent in the city of Denver."

The group, which claims 50,000 protesters will join them in August, has vowed to march from Civic Center to the Pepsi Center (where the convention is being held) on August 24th, permit or no.