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Michigan 4th grader suspended for Snapchat post threatening teacher

GROSSE POINTE, Mich. -- Officials say an elementary school student in suburban Detroit has been suspended after threatening in a social media post to shoot a teacher. 

The fourth-grader at Poupard Elementary made the Snapchat post after school on January 31, CBS Detroit reports. The student, who was new at the school, was apparently upset with a class assignment.

Grosse Pointe Public School System’s Superintendent Gary Niehaus says the student admitted to making the post to the school’s principal, who alerted the child’s parents and Harper Woods police. Niehaus says the child didn’t have access to a gun at home, but they took the threat seriously.

The student admitted to making the post when confronted by school officials, who informed the child’s parents and turned the case over to police.

The parents assured police there were no weapons at the home and officials say it is unlikely the student would have followed through, but all threats must be taken seriously.

The student remains suspended from attending school as the investigation continues.

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