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Groom-to-be tricked into believing he's bungee jumping

(CBS News) Apparently Oivin Vabo's biggest fear is heights, so what better way to celebrate his upcoming nuptials than for his buddies to trick him into thinking he's jumping off a really high bridge and left dangled from a rope? See just how far this groom-to-be fell for this clever bachelor party prank posted by Rutlesjef.

As if taking the marriage plunge wasn't scary enough, this poor guy was blindfolded for two hours before he was ready to finally take the leap...two inches down into a kiddie pool. According to the YouTube description, the only two things Vabo did not want to do for his party was go parachuting...and you guessed it, bungee jump! What great friends he has!

And they really went above and beyond making him believe he was actually falling from such great heights, even having him tentatively climb over a fake bridge rail, a stunt which makes it look like the dude is going to wet himself. Where's a good old-fashioned stripper when you need one? Hopefully she was part of the second half of the day.

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