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Grisly van der Sloot Hotel Room Photos Surface

Photos have emerged of Joran van der Sloot's Lima hotel room from the night he allegedly killed Peruvian business student Stephany Flores.

CBS News Correspondent Elaine Quijano says they're indicative of the brutality with which Flores was murdered.

The photos -- obtained exclusively by Radaronline -- purportedly show a blood-soaked shirt the 21-year-old Dutchman was wearing the night Flores, 21 was slain.

Another photo is said to show the tennis shoes Flores was wearing -- also covered in blood.

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A third picture has a pile of tickets from the casino where surveillance cameras captured van der Sloot and Flores gambling together in the hours before her murder.

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On Monday, court documents show, a Peruvian judge will travel to the notorious Miguel Castro Castro prison, where van der Sloot is being held, to interrogate him about the crime.

Last week, Peruvian authorities say, van der Sloot confessed to elbowing Flores in the face, strangling her, and suffocating her with his shirt on may 30, after they met playing poker.

Authorities in Aruba are awaiting their turn to question van der Sloot, the chief suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway.

For now, reports Quijano, Peruvian authorities will only share information they get from him.

Eventually, Aruban officials will get their turn - again: They detained, interrogated and released him twice before in the Holloway probe.

Aruba's top prosecutor, Peter Blanken, told CBS News, "What we are going to do is to have a conversation with Joran van der Sloot … to find out what he has to say about the Natalie Holloway case, but the priority is with the case in Peru."

That means the Holloway case may not be resolved until van der Sloot is tried, and possibly punished, in Peru.

He is reportedly sharing a cell with a convicted Colombian assassin nicknamed "The Clown."

And one attorney familiar with Peru's prison system believes van der Sloot is in grave danger. "Someone's gonna wanna say, 'I'm the guy who took care of van der Sloot and saved the dignity of the family," ' remarked International criminal defense attorney Michael Griffith.

On "The Early Show" Friday, co-anchor Erica Hill spoke with Catherine Crier about the judge questioning van der Sloot and other matters pertaining to the case. Crier is a former judge, former prosecutor, and former TV host. To see the interview, click on the video below:

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