Grins And Giggles

Hope you all had a great Halloween. My girls were up late chatting away after sampling some of their loot last night, so I was a little tired today! The best memory was seeing my 6-year-old literally skip from house to house. It was so sweet and one of those things you just really love as a parent.
Another one of the very best things is hearing your child laugh. When a baby does it, it's downright hilarious! There are all sorts of giggling babies popping up on the Internet, and today we decided to actually do a segment on them. I could barely read my script, I was laughing so much! And you should see the clip where a mom of multiples is in her bed with all her babies laughing at once. It sounds like a comedy club and took me completely by surprise! I nearly fell over on the air! Click the video link to hear the adorable gigglers.

We are actually encouraging viewers to send in their laughing baby videos, so feel free to submit video of your happy little one.