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"Grey's Anatomy" bids farewell to Cristina

After 10 long seasons, Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and her "person" Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) "danced it out" one more time in Thursday's "Grey's Anatomy" season finale. Warning, spoilers ahead.

Cristina's last day at Seattle Grace proved to be a chaotic one, per usual, as a gas main exploded at a local mall, sending an overflow of seriously injured patients to the hospital.

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Amid all the craziness, Cristina almost conducts a pediatric heart transplant, she tells Meredith, "None of it feels finished. Owen and I, we split over something that hasn't even happened and we never even split up. ...And you and I are not finished. George is dead; Izzie is gone. It's supposed to be you and me and Alex, and now nothing is finished. I don't feel finished."

Cristina still decides to jet off to Switzerland, bringing along Shane (Gaius Charles), but before she departs she bestows some advice to her best friend Meredith. "Don't be a hero. You're my person and I need you alive. You make me brave."

Meredith puts her best friend in a car, saying, "What do you need, an 'I love you' or something? I love you. Call me when you get there."

Just when you think the friends have parted ways, Cristina returns. Pushing emotions over the edge, Meredith puts on their song from season 1, Tegan and Sara's Where Does the Good Go, and the gal pals dance it out one last time.

Upon wrapping up the filming of the finale a few weeks ago, Pompeo Instagrammed: "So proud of the work we've done together @iamsandraoh we've laughed we cried we've kicked some serious acting ass together #SOGRATEFUL"