Greg "Hurricane" Helms Arrest: Woman Hit by WWE Wrestler Isn't Mad, Says Site (Mug Shots)

(Kenton County Detention Center)
(Kenton County Detention Center)
NEW YORK (CBS) Ashley Storer, who was elbowed in the face by WWE star Greg "Hurricane" Helms Wednesday morning, told celebrity Web site TMZ she has no hard feelings toward the wrestler.

Photo: Greg Helms' mug shot.

Storer ended up in a cab with WWE wrestlers Chris Jericho, Greg Helms and Matt Hardy after she finished boozing at a Kentucky bar with friends. She told TMZ somehow she got stuck between Jericho and Helms while they were "play fighting." The woman claims the cab driver pulled over at a nearby gas station when Helms allegedly struck her and two others, whom she didn't name.

Photo: Chris Jericho's mug shot.

The fight "escalated because we were drunk," she told TMZ. Storer claimed police blew the situation out of proportion but admits she may have made the situation worse because she was "crying and drunk and tired from being out all night" and just wanted to leave.

Jericho and Helms were arrested for "alcohol intoxication in a public place." Hardy fled the scene and police are not pursuing charges against him, according to TMZ.

Despite the elbow to the face, Storer told the site she is not filing charges.

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