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Greensburg's Rebirth

Nearly a year ago, Greensburg, Kan. took a direct hit from a powerful F-5 tornado, the worst kind there is. It packed 200 mile per hour winds, and virtually flattened the little town.

But residents never lost hope and decided to rebuild.

All this week, The Early Show, in partnership with Discovery Communications' Planet Green (launching June 4), is in Greensburg, pitching in, and chronicling the comeback.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Twister Left "Opportunity" In Its Wake

Early Show weatherman and features reporter Dave Price, who's already in Greensburg, will be joined by Maggie Rodriguez Tuesday.

On Monday, Smith looked back on the devastating night the funnel set down, and spoke about the decision to rebuild with Greensburg mayor Jon Janssen and Tom and Dea Corns, who run the local state bank. To see that segment, simply click on the arrow in the image below:

Dave addressed Greensburg's refusal to give up in the wake of the tornado, and the large role FEMA trailers played and are playing in keeping the dream of a comeback alive:

And Greensburg is determined to go green and stay that way in its reincarnation. Dave looked at that:

We're working alongside a team from Planet Green, which launches on June 4, and with Pilgrim Television and Films. The 13-part Planet Green series "Greensburg" premieres Sunday, June 15. The series is co-produced by Planet Green, Pilgrim, and Leonardo DiCaprio's production company, Appian Way. Planet Green is Discovery Communications' global, cross-company initiative with a commitment to document, preserve and celebrate the planet, including the 24-hour television network in more than 50 million homes.

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