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Great music for your Monday (because Friday is just too far away)

(CBS News) Normally when I see some great music item on the Internet, I try to hold off on posting until the always-amazing Friday Music Round-up. But when I saw Mumford & Sons come together in the music video above with actor Idris Elba (The Wire, Luther), I couldn't contain myself.

Not only is Idris Elba the star of Mumford & Sons' new music video for their single "Lover Of The Light", but he is also co-director of the work (along with Dan Cadan). That is one multi-talented man there! A big triple-rainbow salute goes out to Mumford & Sons and Idris Elba from us here at The Feed for an excellent auditory and visual experience to get the week started right.

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And because I try (and often fail) to hold off on posting music until Friday, I figure "in for a penny, in for a pound". So go ahead and watch Jimmy Fallon, Christina Aguilera and The Roots sing "Your Body" using office supplies as instruments on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon below.

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