Great Jumpin' Jehoshaphat!!!

One more thing to blame on El about a plague of grasshoppers. It looks like a scene right of out a low budget film, as millions of grasshoppers descend on Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

The leaping bugs invaded the entire Colorado River area over the weekend as the weather heated up. The port of entry into Arizona had to be closed temporarily along I-40 because every time someone opened a window, thousands of grasshoppers came flying in.

At one point, at the Topock Port of Entry on I-40, the Arizona Department of Public Safety had to shut down the truck scales.

D-P-S Sergeant Bill Dalbey said: "If we opened the windows, a thousand grasshoppers flew in."

The grasshoppers are attracted to lights, which made restaurant signs, lit windows and porch lights magnets for the creatures.

Bug experts don't think much can be done about the grasshoppers, but they should disappear over the next week or two.

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