Great Gadget Gifts

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The number of shopping days before the holidays is quickly diminishing. If you're still looking for the gift to end all gifts, check out these cool high-tech goodies. Watch Dan's report from UTTM by clicking on the video icon on the right.

Here's a sample:

Handspring Treo: the all-in-one communication device is based on the Palm Operating System, and features the best of a PDA, a cell phone and a wireless internet browser.

Samsung's I300 Phone for Sprint: Another PDA/cell phone device, featuring a color screen and the familiar Palm interface.

Motorola i90c Limited Edition: A small, sleek cell phone that can send your email and make you look really cool at the same time. Featuring bright blue neon-esque lights, this Javaa-enabled phone is rich with applications and can be used in combination with a Motorola foldaway keyboard.

Apple's iPod is the ultimate mp3 player, period. No bigger than a deck of cards, this sleek white and silver box packs up to 1,000 songs. The Fire Wire connection transfers three days' worth of music in about 10 minutes. It only runs on a Mac, so this is must-see accessory for the Mac lover in your life.

Canon Elura 20 MC: it's a video camera and digital still camera in one. This tiny little handful features a 10x optical and 40x digital zoom, image stabilization and the fast Fire Wire connection to get those pictures into your computer.

Olympus Camedia Digital Camera offers a whopping 4 megapixel photos, meaning you can blow them up to 16x20 without loss in picture quality. No more jagged pics. And, it's no bigger than a cigarette box.

And, the Leatherman Juice will do pretty much anything. There are five models which offer enough tools and gadgets to replace your toolbox... and it fits in your pocket.