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A small island off the coast of Ireland is looking for two people to run its coffee shop

If you and a friend are looking for a job, The Great Blasket Island has a proposition for you. The small island off the coast of Ireland announced earlier this month that it's seeking two people to man its coffee shop.

"A unique position required — looking for long term management of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Couple or two friends," the island's twitter account wrote, in a post that has since gone viral.

The position runs from April 1 to October, and accommodation and food will be provided, according to the posting. Any interested applicants are directed to email "Alice" at the island's general email account:

In an email to CBS News, the island's two employees, Alice and Billy, explained they are looking for a "fit, hardworking and enthusiastic duo," to serve breakfast, handle turnover of accommodation for new arrivals, run the coffee shop, clean the chicken coop, water the plants and light fireplaces for guests.

Tourists can stay in three of the five cozy cottages on the island, which have no electricity or hot showers. There is, however, a small wind turbine that can be used to charge a phone or laptop, the email read. Laundry will be taken off the island, washed and returned.

The two new employees will live above the coffee shop.

While running a coffee shop on a small, little-known island may sound bleak, one look at photos of the island may change your mind. The small land of green, rolling hills and beautiful rock formations is located three miles off the tip of Ireland's Dingle Peninsula.

A photo from the island's tourism site shows a "common dolphin on route to the Great Blasket Island by George Karbus." George Karbus /

The tourism website offers boat tours and promises a visit with the island's residential dolphin, Dingles. Tourists may also spot whales, porpoises and sea birds. In calm weather, tourists may be able to see some puffins, according to The Great Blasket Island website.

The tour page also boasts that "a complementary Tea/Coffee is provided for all our customers" — which may be where the coffee shop manager comes in.

If the smell of coffee and the sound of waves crashing against rocks appeals to you, find a friend and email Alice.

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