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Great American Weight Loss: Week 1

During Week 1 of The Great American Weight Loss, CBS News Health Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay countered five classic excuses made by people frustrated by weight loss programs. With the help of fellow health experts, she showed how these excuses can become motivators.

Click on the images below to read what Dr. Senay covered on the week of August 3-7:

Go Ahead! Make A Dieting Excuse!
Do you have good excuses for not sticking to a weight-loss program? The Great American Weight Loss series has an answer for every one.
Enjoying Food To Lose Weight
For people who say they hardly eat anything, but still gain weight, there is a solution that cuts calories and adds a civilized enjoyment to mealtimes.
A Fun Meal Without The Calories
How do you shop for a low-fat diet when the rules keep changing? Take a trip to the market with Dr. Emily Senay.
Meals To Keep You Going All Day
If you're tired of diets and are unhappy with the common starvation a solution is available - even from your local diner.
Little Exercises You Can Do
If you're on the road, or busy, learn how to fit exercise into your schedule, and avoid the excuse "I just don't have time."
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