Graying action heroes rule the silver screen

(CBS News) Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon make his triumphant return to the silver screen in "The Last Stand" -- his first starring role since leaving Hollywood to become the governor of California.

But can the former "Governator" be a convincing action hero at the age of 65?

David Edelstein, the wry-humored film critic for "CBS Sunday Morning" and New York magazine, discussed the increasingly common phenomenon of the oldster action star.

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On Arnold Schwarzennegger, age 65:

"It's a perfect reflection of our system right now," Edelstein said. "You know, you see a Republican male fail at partisan politics, and what's left but to pick up a gun and go and teach people how to really take action."

On Liam Neeson, age 60:

"Gravity only helps this man," Edelstein said. "He's the kind of guy who can break somebody's neck and back with so much soul, that I think that we'll be following him into the convalescent home and beyond."

On Sylvester Stallone, age 66:

"[He's] taken a lot of shots from dweebs like me, and he's proven he can take it," Edelstein quipped. "This guy will be shooting bullets out of his iron lung. Nothing's going to stop him."

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