Granny G raps about family values on "America's Got Talent"

(CBS News) For anyone who says that the generation gap can hinder communication and ideas between the young and old, I'd show them this video of an 80-year-old woman rapping about family values and sex. And then probably follow it up by saying, "Checkmate." Check it out. 

The mouth-dropping, show-stealing and outrageous performance was done on NBC's America's Got Talent by one Granny G, whom the judges have decided will continue on to the next round of competition in Las Vegas. And while the reception to the performance in the aftermath has been not all been praise, we here at The Feed gave it a big thumbs up and laughed out loud. But more importantly, what did you all think about it? Leave us some comment love below with your thoughts.  And bonus points if it's in rap form.

UPDATE: Great comment in rap form by reader BWB2020, and to respond we meant no disrespect to Granny G at all. Total props and love go out to her for her rap on values from The Feed.  Thanks!